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Injuries Caused by Defective Medical Equipment

By Michael Verna on May 12, 2018

An artificial hip replacementEven though many medical products on the market have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they can still cause injuries to occur. When this happens, it’s important to consult with an attorney at our Walnut Creek, CA law firm. A lawyer can help file a product liability lawsuit over the defective medical device, and the damages can cover injuries and hardships related to the injuries sustained.

Let’s take a moment to consider some examples of defective medical equipment, why these medical devices malfunction, and what legal options are available to you.

Medical Equipment Must Work Properly

Having properly working medical equipment should be straightforward, especially since so many of these tools are meant to improve wellness and save lives. When medical equipment fails even slightly, the results can be disastrous for everyone involved.

Patients whose lives have been affected by defective medical equipment should consider legal action against the product manufacturer and designer.

Examples of Defective Medical Equipment

In recent years, there has been increased legal attention on faulty hip transplants, defective knee joint replacements, as well as surgical mesh used to repair hernias and vaginal injuries. In both of these cases, the medical equipment leads to serious injuries after a surgery has been performed, resulting in chronic pain and other health problems.

In addition to problems with artificial hips, artificial joints, and surgical mesh, there have also been reports of pacemakers failing on patients, faulty heart valves, and defibrillators that do not function properly.

Medical Equipment Design Defects

Some of these defective medical devices are the result of poor design. This means that the product is inherently unsafe because the makers did not take certain innate aspects of the product into account. This may be an issue with materials used, lack of proper testing, or a flawed approach to addressing a person’s real-life medical needs.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Defects

With manufacturing defects, the issue is with the actual fabrication of a product. For example, there may be problems on the assembly line that lead to flaws in the product itself. Degraded materials or contaminated materials may be used, or the workers putting the device together may be negligent. Even a product that is safe from a design standpoint may be defective due to manufacturing problems.

Problems May Arise Years Later

Keep in mind that issues with medical devices may arise months or even years later. That has certainly been the case with faulty joint replacements as well as surgical mesh. Be attentive of any pain, discomfort, or changes in your general wellness. Discuss these with your doctor as soon as these issues arise.

Holding Companies Accountable for Their Actions

If you are the victim of injuries from a defective medical device, it’s important that the product’s maker be held accountable. Our attorneys will fight by your side, providing sound legal advice every step of the way. We will not be intimidated by large medical companies because we know their obligation is to you and other consumers out there simply trying to lead normal, healthy lives.

Contact the Attorneys of Bowles & Verna

If you our someone you love has been injured by defective medical equipment, it’s important that you contact our team of product liability attorneys. The lawyers of Bowles & Verna are here for you in your time of legal need.

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