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Pilot, Maintenance And Air Traffic Controller Error

Causation is one of the most complicated issues in a plane crash. There are very few survivors in these accidents, including pilots to explain what happened; there are very few eyewitnesses below to explain what happened; and there are countless interconnected factors causing any plane accident that complicate the issue. However, barring the occasional unforeseen weather disaster accident, there is almost always at least one party to blame when a plane goes down, whether it is pilot error, a maintenance issue, or a mistake by an air traffic controller.

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At Bowles & Verna LLP, we have been representing clients in airline accident litigation for more than 25 years. Our two senior partner attorneys have more than 75 combined years of experience, and all of our trial lawyers have been practicing law for at least 10 years. We can help you find the responsible party for any type of aviation accident, including:

With so many years of experience, our Oakland pilot error lawyers know how to probe the evidence and uncover the responsible party or parties after a plane crash, whether it’s the pilot, air traffic controllers, or manufacturing and maintenance of the plane. Once we find that responsible party, we will be able to get our clients damage awards that are worthy of the catastrophic injuries or wrongful death they have suffered.

Causes Of Plane Crashes

Pilot Errors

The first place to look for causation when a plane crashes is to the person who is most immediately in control of the craft: the pilot. Pilot error can result from:

  • Simple mistakes: Even the most highly trained pilot is human like the rest of us and prone to error from time to time. However, this does not negate a pilot’s liability. If the pilot is personally responsible for a tragic error, the pilot should be the one compensating the victims for the damages that ensue.
  • Incompetence: Some errors made by pilots are not simple mistakes that any pilot might make in the same situation. Some mistakes reveal complete incompetence on the part of the pilot and are without explanation or excuse.
  • Impairment: As tragic as it is, some pilots take to the air while seriously impaired by alcohol or drug consumption, risking the lives of all the passengers on board.

Air Traffic Control Errors

Air traffic controllers are the people who help pilots navigate to their destinations without incident, helping them avoid inclement weather and collision with other planes. Like pilots, air traffic controllers make occasional errors that cause accidents. There are also circumstances involving smaller private planes where the plane is flying through uncontrolled airspace and navigation errors occur to the detriment of everyone onboard.

Maintenance And Manufacturing Errors

When it is a malfunction within the working parts of the plane, it is either due to a problem with the initial air frame manufacturing or the ongoing maintenance of the plane, causing fatal malfunctions with the essential components of a plane or helicopter such as:

  • Ground proximity warning systems
  • Takeoff warning system
  • Landing systems
  • Engines
  • Communication systems

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