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Danger on Wheels: Defective Tires Can Prove Deadly

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Auto Accidents, Firm News

The lawyers of Bowles & Verna stand with injury victims and their families. Based in Walnut Creek, we help people throughout the Bay Area who have had their lives impacted by negligence, whether it be from individuals or from major companies. No one should be alone when it comes to just legal battles.

We have helped many clients with litigation over serious and fatal auto accidents. Sometimes these collisions are not the result of driver error or negligence but rather defective parts. With that in mind, let’s consider why defective tires are so dangerous and need to be taken seriously.

The Dangers of Defective Tires

Defective tires can pose a whole host of dangers to drivers, passengers, and others who share the road. When a tire fails, drivers can lose control of their vehicles, and the results can be disastrous. In busy Bay Area traffic, this could lead to multi-car pile-ups that cause tremendous property damage and severe injuries. Even in single-car accidents, the harm that may be caused can be deadly.

What’s especially disconcerting about these kinds of accidents is that they may not be the fault of motorists. Sometimes tire manufacturers are negligent or irresponsible in making their goods, and this can lead to serious problems for people just trying to commute and go about their day.

Possible Causes of Tire Defects

Apart from faulty initial design, some of the potential causes for tire defects include:

  • Use of old or expired adhesives
  • Use of poor materials during manufacturing
  • Contaminants introduced while tire is manufactured
  • Poorly cleaned manufacturing facilities
  • Storage at improper temperatures
  • Lack of product testing and inspections

No matter the cause of the tire defect, it’s of the utmost importance that you seek legal help if a tire defect caused your car accident. Our product liability and auto collision lawyers can help you recovery damages for injuries and vehicle damage.

Potential for Blowouts

Blowouts are among the most dangerous issues that can affect a tire, and they tend to occur most frequently during the hottest months of year (May through October). When the pressure within a tire rapidly decreases, drivers might lose control of their vehicles, careening into other drivers, into objects on the side of the road, or even onto sidewalks.

The Threat of Tread Separation

Treat separation refers to cases in which the tread of a tire comes loose from the casing/body of the rest of the tire. When the tread comes loose, it can lead to problems with handling. If the tread comes off completely, it can remain in the road and become a hazard to other motorists, or it may fly off completely and cause vehicle damage and potential injuries to other motorists.

Issues with Traction

Sometimes the tire issue isn’t as violent or pronounced. In the case of poor traction, the tire may seem to function just fine, but it’s nowhere near as safe as it should be. When a tire has poor traction, it’s more likely for a driver to skid or lose control of a vehicle when making turns. This increases the risk of serious multi-vehicle and single-vehcile accidents, and it should never be taken for granted.

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