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Bowles & Verna has been around for decades. With more than 20 attorneys, we have a deep base of legal experience to draw from. Our success with complex business and personal issues speaks for itself. However, we are also more nimble than truly large firms and can tailor our services with less cost to you.

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Our personal injury team has represented victims from around the world. Our clients have suffered some of the most severe injuries as a result of vehicular accidents, aviation disasters and exposure to toxic substances. We have won substantial verdicts and settlements and will not buckle under pressure from insurance companies or any other entity.

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Our knowledgeable attorneys handle everything from domestic and international business disputes to business torts, product liability and transactions of all types. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California. 

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We are reputable trial lawyers with proven results. We believe that trying a case in court is a lost art. We don’t seek to settle outside of court; we build persuasive cases that get our clients the highest settlement or verdict possible. 

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If you ever have a question about an injury, medical, environmental or personal injury-related I recommend you speak with Brad Bowles and the team at Bowles & Verna. They are exceptional listeners and strategists and will honestly advise if you have a case.

Does the pedestrian always have the right of way?

You may have heard people say that “the pedestrian always has the right of way.” This seems to imply that any time a car hits a pedestrian, it is the driver of that car who is at fault. If the pedestrian is injured or even killed, the pedestrian or their family may be...

Who can be sued in a toxic tort case?

A toxic tort case enables a victim who was harmed by exposure to a harmful substance to seek compensation for the damages they’re dealing with because of that exposure to any number of hazards, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, pesticides and many other substances....

When mixed, certain chemicals can become deadly

Toxic exposure is a serious hazard for many people, especially in certain workplace environments. But people often just think of exposure to one dangerous chemical or one toxic substance. For example, it’s very dangerous to be exposed to asbestos because this exposure...

3 car accident injuries that can impact your ability to earn

Car accidents are a frighteningly common occurrence. While property damage can be a hassle, the true weight of an accident falls on the damage that occurs to the people involved. If you’re involved in a wreck, beyond the physical pain and emotional trauma, serious...

Recovering lost wages after a car accident

If you suffer injuries in a car crash that prevent you from working, you can any wages you have lost due to the accident. Understanding what it takes to recover lost wages can help you better cope with the aftermath of the crash. The first thing you need to do is...