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Burn Injuries from Gas Explosions

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2017 | Catastrophic Injury, Firm News

Any injury has the potential to cause severe physical pain and significant financial losses due to medical expenses. Burn injuries in particular cause long-lasting, catastrophic side effects. This is especially true of third-degree burns, which can be caused by gas explosions. A third-degree burn is likely to require lengthy and costly medical treatment. Additionally, third-degree burns usually result in disfigurement, emotional and physical pain and suffering, and a drastic change in the injury victim’s quality of life.

At Bowles & Verna LLP, our burn injury attorneys understand the complex losses associated with burn injuries, and we fight hard on behalf of our clients to ensure that all of these damages are taken into account when seeking financial compensation from the person or party responsible for the injury. Victims of burn injuries from gas explosions in the San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA, or Oakland, CA area should contact our attorneys as soon as possible to learn more about their legal rights.

Types of Burns

Most people have suffered a minor burn while performing everyday tasks like cooking. The most minor burns are classified as first-degree burns. First-degree burns damage only the top layer of the skin. These burns can make the skin appear red or swollen, and can lead to peeling. A first-degree burn often heals within about a week and leaves no long-lasting effects.

The next classification of burns is a second-degree burn. Second-degree burns reach deeper layers of the skin and often result in significant swelling. Open blisters are also a common side effect of second-degree burns. These injuries are likely to require medical care and may not heal for several weeks. While recovering from a second-degree burn it is unlikely that the injury victim will be able to work.

Third-degree burns are considered the most serious type of burn injury. Third-degree burns extend beyond the layers of skin, damaging the tissues and muscles beneath. Third-degree burns require hospitalization and medical care. The physical pain caused by third-degree burns is intense, and these types of burns will more likely leave behind scars, which can also be a source of emotional pain.

Causes of Burn Injuries

There are many incidents that can lead to burn injuries. At Bowles & Verna LLP, we specialize in representing victims who have suffered from second- or third-degree burns. These burns are often caused by serious accidents, including car accidents, work place accidents, and gas explosions.

Gas explosions are especially dangerous and often result in the most severe burns. Statistics show that gas explosions involving propane gas are even more of a risk. Those involved in a gas explosion involving propane gas are 12 times more likely to suffer from severe injuries and burns than those involved in a natural gas explosion.

Seeking Legal Help

Gas explosions are complex cases and may involve multiple liable parties. One thing that makes it so difficult to prove liability in a gas explosion is that evidence is often destroyed by the explosion and fire. It is extremely important that any burn injury victim who has been involved in a gas explosion contact our attorneys right away so they can begin collecting evidence and building a case as soon as possible. We will fight to ensure that our clients are justly compensated for the full extent of their losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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If you’ve been involved in a gas explosion that has resulted in burn injuries, it is important to work with an experienced burn injury attorney, such as those at Bowles & Verna LLP. Our attorneys will gather the evidence that is necessary to prove liability and fight to ensure that our clients are compensated to the maximum extent of the law. Contact us at your earliest convenience to begin discussing the details of your case.