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Head-On Auto Accidents: The Dangers of Front-End Collisions

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2017 | Auto Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury Law

The legal team at Bowles & Verna has helped countless clients throughout the greater Oakland area who were injured in auto accidents. With so many vehicles on the road in the Bay Area, the crash number simply increase. Having skilled attorneys on your side can help you receive legal damages and make sure negligent drivers are brought to justice.

Though rare, head-on/front-end auto accidents are the deadliest collisions that may occur. Let’s take a moment to consider the numbers and how a personal injury or wrongful death attorney can help you.

Statistics for Head-On Collisions

Head-on auto accidents tend to be somewhat rare given the nature of these accidents. Numbers from 2005 estimate that only 2 percent of all vehicle collisions in a given year are head-on auto accidents. By comparison, around 40 percent of all collisions each year are rear-end accidents.

Despite how rare head-on accidents are, their deadliness should not be taken for granted. While only 2 percent of all accidents are head-on crashes, these front-end collisions still account for 10 percent of all annual vehicle accident fatalities. Those numbers tell a tragic and cautionary tale about road safety and the force generated from a head-on impact.

Reasons Why Head-On Collisions Occur

There are many reasons why a head-on accident may occur. Some of the most common reasons include the following:

  • Trying to Pass Vehicles on a Two-Lane Road – When trying to overtake a slower vehicle on a two-lane road, it’s possible to strike an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane. Exercise extreme caution in these situations and only pass when it’s safe.
  • Reckless Driving – Reckless behaviors such as speeding and weaving can increase the risk of head-on accidents, especially on city streets and two-lane highways.
  • Drunk Driving – Driving while you are drunk can negatively impact your decision-making skills. Combined with poor coordination, this is a disastrous recipe for some sort of collision.
  • Cell Phone Use While Driving – Texting or using your cell phone while driving can make all sorts of collisions more likely. On city or suburban streets or on two-lane highways, there’s a risk of head-on accidents.
  • Driver Fatigue – Drowsiness while driving can be just as bad as drunk driving. Be sure to get rest before hitting the road, otherwise you could wind up in a deadly collision.
  • Poor Weather Conditions – Fog, rain, any issues that affect visibility can increase the risk of a head-on accident occurring.
  • Poor Road Conditions – If there is debris on the road or sudden turns on a windy stretch of the road, there’s a risk of swerving and the potential for front-end accidents.
  • Improper Road Signs and Traffic Signals – When traffic signals malfunction or road signs are not in place (especially “One Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs), there’s a higher chance of a serious head-on collision.

Holding Negligent Motorists Accountable

Head-on auto accidents can cause catastrophic injuries such as paralysis and the loss of a limb. These kinds of crashes can even prove fatal. Lives can be changed in an instant.

It’s important that you seek legal help from an experienced attorney following a head-on collision. While you recover or grieve the loss of a loved one, we can make sure the motorist who caused the accident is held accountable for their recklessness.

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