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Loose Objects in the Car Can Cause Auto Accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Auto Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury Law

Distracted driving can take many different forms. You might be texting while behind the wheel, for instance. Other times, a distracted driver may be looking at something on the side of the road rather than paying attention to what’s on the road ahead of the vehicle. Distraction is dangerous, and it can lead to catastrophic, even fatal, accidents.

The legal team at Bowles & Verna have helped clients throughout the greater San Francisco area whose lives have been negatively impacted by auto collisions. A skilled auto accident lawyer can help hold the negligent party accountable for a crash occurring. With all this in mind, let’s take a moment to consider how loose objects in a vehicle can be the source of distraction and a potential cause of an accident.

Why Loose Objects Can Lead to Danger

When a person is reaching for a loose object in their vehicle, this can increase the risks of an accident occurring. A hand may be taken off the wheel. When reaching for something not readily available, a driver may turn their body to the side and take their eyes off the road. Whatever the case may be, the driver will not be in an optimal position to act or react if they need to. A single second of distraction would can prove hazardous to everyone on the road.

Reaching for Objects in the Backseat

If there is an object in the backseat that a driver wants to retrieve, the driver will need to contort their body to get the object. A driver may attempt to do this with just one hand, or the driver may need to turn their body entirely, turning their face and body away from the wheel. The dangers of this action are immense.

Reaching for Objects on the Floor

When an object falls to the floor of a vehicle, drivers will face similar issues. A hand will need to be taken off the wheel, and the driver may also their their attention away from the road. The body is in such a clumsy position while trying to find an object, and also a poor position to react properly to hazards on the road.

Reaching for Objects Between or Under Seats

When objects fall between or under seats, drivers face a number of difficulties similar to the ones already listed above. Trying to locate an object under a car seat all but guarantees driving blindly with one hand off the wheel.

How to Stay Safe While Driving

To stay as safe as possible while driving, consider the following tips:

  • Use a car kit for your cell phone
  • Use convenient drink holders for beverages
  • Have any necessary items while driving ready-at-hand
  • Ask a passenger to hand you something rather than doing it yourself
  • Find a safe place to park if you need to find/retrieve an object in your vehicle

By exercising common sense as a driver, you can protect yourself, your passengers, and your fellow motorists from harm.

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