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Injuries Caused by Defective Tools or Equipment

On Behalf of | May 5, 2018 | Firm News, Product Liability

When power tools malfunction, they can lead to major harm to the person using the tool as well as others who are nearby. The hazards of defective power tools may impact workers at construction sites or people just trying to do home improvement work. When these tools malfunction, it’s important that you seek the help of our Walnut Creek, CA product liability lawyers. We can hold companies accountable for their negligence.

We’d like to consider some of the reasons why tools may wind up malfunctioning, and what kinds of injuries may occur. We’ll then note the legal options that may be available to you following an injury.

Design Defects

Design defects refer to problems with a tool from its initial development and creation. These products are inherently dangerous because their design is simply unsafe. The company that made the tool may not have considered how material might react under stress, or how to minimize risks of injury. Similarly, the product may not have been properly tested before it reached the market.

Manufacturing Defects

Sometimes a power tool or construction equipment is safely designed, but issues with the manufacturing product lead it to be unsafe. In these cases, a problem in the factory or assembly line is the reason for defects, product problems, and injuries to consumers. Examples of manufacturing defects include degraded or contaminated materials, negligence by assembly line workers, or lack of quality assurance testing.

Lacerations and Contusions

The potential for cuts and serious bruises are common with many defective power tools and dangerous construction equipment. The cuts may be severe, resulting in major blood loss, nerve damage, and disfigurement. The contusions sustained can be serious as well, particularly if they lead to bone fractures, head trauma, and brain injury.

Loss of Limbs or Extremities

With any cutting tools, one must consider the potential risk of amputation. This could mean the loss of a limb, the loss of toes, or the loss of fingers. The larger the power tool or construction equipment, the greater the risk of a catastrophic injury. The chances of successful reattachment of the injured limb or extremity can vary.

Electrocution Injuries

In addition to the above, there is also a risk of electrocution and electrical burns to keep in mind. Frayed wires or generally poor wiring could cause electricity to course through a person’s body. This can lead to major harm to the nervous system, and the shock might even result in cardiac arrest in severe cases.

Damages in Defective Product Cases

For those who have been injured by defective power tools or construction equipment, legal damages can help cover medical expenses, physical rehabilitation, lost wages, lost future earnings, and emotional pain and suffering. Punitive damages may also be awarded in certain instances to punish the product’s maker for their negligence.

How Our Product Liability Lawyers Can Help

Our legal team will be there for you and your loved ones, offering expert counsel throughout the litigation process. We won’t be intimidated by any product manufacturer or their legal teams. Consumers deserve to be safe when using any sort of product. The peace of mind we offer to clients can be crucial and part of moving forward after a serious injury has occurred.

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