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Auto Accident Statistics: Crash Numbers, Facts, and Figures

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Auto Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury Law

Numbers can help put different hazards into perspective. When it comes to car accidents, looking at statistics can help us remember to drive safer and to exercise greater caution on the road. Knowing the figures behind accidents is why our lawyers are so committed to accident victims, whether they’re from San Jose, CA or other parts of the Bay Area.

Let’s take a moment to consider several important auto accident statistics. These should help you understand the various dangers on the road, and why working with a lawyer after an accident is so crucial.

National Auto Accident Statistics

According to numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA), there were 37,461 deaths in auto collisions in 2016. This is a 5.6 percent increase in national auto accident fatalities from 2015.

California Auto Accident Statistics

Looking at data from California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), the following facts on 2015 auto accidents were available:

  • There were 3,435 persons killed in 3,168 fatal collisions
  • There were 254,561 persons Injured in 178,669 injury collisions

Santa Clara County Auto Accident Statistics

Narrowing our focus further, the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) had the following 2015 figures for accidents in Santa Clara County:

  • 9,951 total auto accident fatalities and injuries
  • 475 total motorcycle accident fatalities and injuries
  • 643 hit and run collisions

Speeding and Auto Accident Facts

Speeding is a major factor in many auto accidents. The NHTSA estimates that speeding caused or contributed to the death of 10,111 people in 2016. This accounts for 27 percent of all traffic fatalities that year. These numbers were up 4 percent from 2015 numbers.

Drunk and Intoxicated Driving Statistics

Drunk driving is also a major factor in many serious auto accidents. The NHTSA recorded 10,497 alcohol-related deaths in 2016, which accounted for 28 percent of all traffic collision fatalities. An estimated 29 people die each day in an alcohol-related collision.

Auto Accidents and Teenagers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has some fascinating numbers on teenage drivers. Even though they are outnumbered by older drivers, teenagers comprise a large number of auto accident fatalities. A total of 2,820 teenager drivers aged 13-19 were killed in traffic collisions in 2016. Roughly two-thirds of the teenage drivers killed were males.

Numbers on Driver Distraction

Regardless of age, driver distraction is becoming a bigger issue. Much of this has to do with the pervasiveness of smart phones, tablets, and other types of handheld electronic devices. Distracted driving resulted in 3,450 in 2016 according to the NHTSA. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis estimates that distracted driving claims 9 lives and causes more than 1,000 injuries each day.

Collisions with Large Trucks

Large trucks are essential for commerce and shipping, and can claim many lives if there is an accident. Numbers from the IIHS found that 3,986 people were killed in collisions with large trucks in 2016. In these crashes, 66 percent of deaths were occupants of passenger vehicles that struck or were struck by the large truck.

Motorcycle Accident Collisions

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries than other kinds of motorists. The NHTSA recorded 5,286 fatalities in 2016. This is up 5.1 percent from 2015 numbers, and the highest numbers recoded since 2008.

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