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Car Accidents and Concrete Pump Trucks

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2018 | Auto Accidents, Construction Law, Firm News

Concrete pump trucks are extremely large vehicles. Given their mass, a crash with such a vehicle can lead to tremendous injuries if not fatal injuries due to the amount of force involved. This is a matter of physics, and the dangers of large vehicles in car accidents should never be discounted when you are in a passenger car or light pickup truck. The Oakland, CA lawyers of Bowles & Verna know what damage such crashes can do.

Attorneys Richard T. Bowles and Michael P. Verna would like to look at some of the basics of concrete pump truck accidents and how we can help injury victims. This applies to drivers and motorists as well as construction workers and civilians who happen to be passing construction sites.

Concrete Pump Truck Crashes with Multiple Vehicles

The size of a concrete pump truck poses a number of different dangers. In addition to generating a lot of force on impact, the truck is likely to cause crashes with multiple vehicles around it. With more vehicles involved, the chances of a catastrophic or fatal injury increase.

Concrete Pump Truck Crashes Span Multiple Lanes

Not only can concrete pump trucks cause serious harm to people in multiple vehicles, the truck can also span across multiple lanes. This leads to more collisions with vehicles than those merely adjacent to it, and result in traffic jams that increase hazards for miles.

Boom Hazards on Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump trucks aren’t just dangerous for their size. To transport concrete to higher levels, a boom with a pump is mounted on the truck. These booms can extend dozens of feet to deliver concrete to different levels of a work site.

If the boom fails, it runs the risk of collapsing. Given the length/reach of these booms, it puts countless others at risk.

Injuries to Construction Workers and Drivers

Construction workers and drivers of these vehicles could be injured in auto collisions or as a result of boom failure at a construction site. If there is negligence in the operation of the vehicle or at the construction site, the chances of injury are much higher. Even proper protective gear and safety lines may not be enough to prevent serious harm from occurring.

Injuries to Innocent Bystanders

In addition to injuries to motorists, concrete pump trucks could potentially result in harm to people near a construction site. A boom that collapses could lead to debris falling on anyone below. Innocent bystanders don’t have protective gear, and may be directly impacted by a work site hazard.

How an Experienced Accident Attorney Can Help

If you are a construction worker, motorist, or pedestrian injured in an accident with a concrete pump truck, our law firm is here for you.

For those in construction, our attorneys can help with the worker’s compensation process. We can also determine if you should seek a lawsuit against a negligent party, whether its your employer, the maker of the pump truck, or another party.

For motorists and bystanders near construction accidents, or surviving loved ones of those killed, we can hold negligent drivers and construction companies accountable for the harm that has affected you.

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