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Car Accidents and Dump Trucks

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Auto Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury Law

Dump trucks are essential for construction, demolition, landscaping, earthwork, and numerous industries. Yet even if they are crucial for accomplishing these sorts of jobs, we need to acknowledge that they can also cause serious accidents. If you’ve been involved in a large truck crash, Walnut Creek, CA attorneys Richard T. Bowles and Michael P. Verna can help.

The law firm of Bowles & Verna has assisted numerous clients who were the victims of truck accidents involving tractor-trailers and other large vehicles. Let’s consider the hazards posed by dump trucks and why you must exercise caution when driving near one.

Dump Trucks Have Major Blind Spots

Given the size of these vehicles, it should come as no surprise that they have major blind spots. Vehicles that are to the sides or behind a dump truck will not be seen by the driver, even if he or she is carefully monitoring side mirrors. This is important to keep in mind whenever dump trucks and other large vehicles are on the road. When driving near one, be sure to keep your vehicle where it can be seen, or give the dump truck enough distance to turn and change lanes without danger.

Dangers Due to Stopping Times and Distances

We should also mention that dump trucks have longer stopping times and stopping distances given their weight. If the dump truck is hauling debris, this can put even more stress on the vehicle’s brakes and tires. The stopping times and distances are also greater if the weather or road conditions lead to poor traction.

Deadly Collisions Given the Size of These Vehicles

The sheer mass of a dump truck means that a collision can lead to major vehicle damage and injuries, even at relatively low speeds. An average dump truck weight around 50,000 pounds, and can haul more than 25,000 pounds. Consider the force generated from impact with such a vehicle.

Hazards When Loads Fall Into the Road

Not only are dump trucks themselves dangerous. The loads that they carry can put Walnut Creek motorists at risk. If the debris falls onto a nearby vehicle, it can leads to scratches, dents, and broken glass. These can all trigger a crash, or cause a driver t swerve dangerously into another lane out of impulse. Even if the debris doesn’t fall onto a vehicle, its presence on the road can lead to a number of safety hazards. Drivers may collide with the material on the road, or swerve into other lanes, both of which increase the risk of collisions.

Potential for Driver Fatigue

It’s important to consider the potential for fatigue when it comes to dump truck driver. Working long hours can leave someone feeling tired behind the wheel. In these cases, the driver may not be as attentive as they should be while on the road. Lapses in attention and slower reflexes could mean the difference between a crash and a near miss.

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