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Real Estate and Zoning Issues

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Firm News, Real Estate Law

Space is at a premium these days in Walnut Creek, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area. There are many renters, property owners, and businesses in the region, which can lead to disputes over land use as new structures are built or are repurposed. That’s where a real estate attorney can prove essential.

Skilled lawyers Richard T. Bowles and Michael P. Verna are here to assist you with your zoning and property law issues. Our commitment to people throughout the Bay Area is unquestioned, whether you’re renting, you own an apartment building, or own a business.

The Basics of Zoning and Land Use

Zoning laws refer to regulations on different types of property and how they can be used. Broadly, real estate is often classified as residential (for residences and homes) or commercial (for businesses), though there are some structures that are mixed use, with a combination of residential units as well as a storefront or business. There are also classifications for industrial sites, historic buildings, and so forth. These land use designations specify where these properties can be located and what law apply to them.

Why Zoning Laws Are Important

Zoning laws are essential for city planning. They can help ensure industrial sites or other kinds of properties are not situated near residences, schools, hospitals, and so forth. Based on land use, various regulations must be met to ensure the well being of people on the property and those who are on land near said property.

These zoning laws can vary from city to city, but they generally strive to ensure safety and reasonably good quality of life.

Why Zoning Disputes May Arise

Many times, zoning disputes arise with regard to the use of the land in question. Given the housing issues in the Bay Area, some local disputes arise over the need for residential properties being built rather than commercial properties. There could be arguments over the conversion of a commercial property into a residential property or vice versa, for instance.

Disputes can also arise regarding if a given property is up to code given its intended use. Once again, the laws can vary depending on the location and the community, but they need to be observed.

Examples of Zoning and Land Use Disputes

Some examples of zoning and land use disputes include:

  • The proximity of proposed industrial spaces relative to homes, apartments, schools, and other public spaces
  • Air, noise, or water pollution caused by nearby commercial, industrial, or agricultural properties
  • Commercial signs cluttering a residential neighborhood
  • Obstructed views from buildings under construction
  • Property lines between houses, residential buildings, or other kinds of land
  • Regulations over mixed-use properties
  • Disagreement over the ways new construction impacts quality of life

How Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Help

Zoning and land use disagreements can be extremely complicated. One must understand the regulations of a given municipality and how these laws applies to a given property. Our attorneys are here to look over regulations from local governments and help you understand the legal options available to you, whether you own a property, rent a property, or are in the process of developing one.

Learn More About Real Estate and Zoning Issues

If you live in San Francisco or anywhere in the Bay Area and would like more information about legal options following real estate and zoning disputes, be sure to contact our team of attorneys. You can reach Bowles & Verna LLP by phone in Walnut Creek at (925) 935-3300.