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Did a mechanical fault play a role in your car crash?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | Auto Accidents

If another driver crashes into you, looking at how to prove that will be crucial. They will be doing all they can to prove that it was you that crashed into them.

One area to consider is if their vehicle had any mechanical faults. You only have to look around to see that many cars do. 

General appearance can give you a clue, but it is not everything

If a car looks like it should be consigned to the scrap heap, then there is a good chance it should. Yet a clean rag and a tin of car wax can hide a multitude of sins, as any car dealer knows, so do not assume a car was in full operating order just because it has gleaming paintwork. 

Spending on accessories is not a sign of good maintenance, either

Think about all the teenage males you see driving old cars made to look good with spoilers, neon lights and massive speakers in the trunk. All those things cost money, and someone on a limited budget may choose to spend on this rather than essential maintenance.

Which mechanical issues could lead to a crash? Consider these:

  • Poor tires could cause a driver to lose control more easily and increase stopping time, as could a lack of brake maintenance.
  • Lack of wheel alignment or steering column issues could cause a driver to lose their line on a bend.
  • Blown bulbs or broken wires could have made it impossible for you to know what the driver intended to do.
  • Broken or missing mirrors could have caused a driver to miss seeing what you were doing.

It might seem like a longshot to hope to find a mechanical issue with the other driver’s car. Yet, when you suffer extensive injuries in a car crash, you need to look at every possible option to ensure you get the compensation you need.