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Did beauty products potentially cause your cancer?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Product Liability

There are certain things that people know could be toxic. For example, cigarettes, older houses that have asbestos in them and countless consumer products may all present health risks because of the materials used for their production or the gases they produce as they age.

Many dangerous products now come with a label warning about the risks involved so that consumers can make informed choices. However, there is an entire category of products that does not receive much safety oversight and does not necessarily provide the kind of safety labeling consumers need to protect themselves.

Health and beauty products, including hair and makeup products, often do not receive any significant government scrutiny and could therefore be dangerous for the people using them.

What kind of exposure is possible?

Reviewing the details of lawsuits brought against health and beauty product companies can be truly frightening. Different makeup palettes and also baby powder products have come under fire in recent years for containing asbestos. There have also been cases of metals like mercury or lead making their way into cut-rate beauty products.

Recently, even the federal government has begun to acknowledge the risk generated by certain beauty products. Hair straightening and hair relaxing chemicals have received a lot of attention recently for their known association with uterine cancer, especially in women who use such products frequently.

Many people, especially women, may have straightened their hair to maintain a specific appearance at work, with potentially adverse consequences on their health. Those sickened by a product that they thought was safe for human use may potentially have grounds to bring a claim against its manufacturer.

Toxic tort claims help sickened consumers

When a business doesn’t maintain high standards for the materials that it uses or the products it produces, it may put consumers at significant medical risk. If you develop a type of cancer associated with product contamination, such as hair straightening products and their correlation with uterine cancer, you may have grounds to bring a lawsuit against the business that endangered the public by producing toxic products.

Pursuing a toxic tort lawsuit could lead to compensation for you and consequences for the business that harmed you. As a result, researching this legal opportunity may be to your benefit and to the benefit of other consumers as well.