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Burn injuries from aviation incidents can change someone’s life

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Aviation Accidents

When aviation incidents make the news, it is often because a large commercial plane has experienced a safety issue. However, a large number of crashes, injuries and fatalities in the aviation sector involve smaller planes rather than commercial jets.

These planes, unlike commercial jets, may only have a few people on board, and sometimes only a single pilot. When these smaller planes crash, the consequences can be devastating, including the possibility of fatal traumatic injuries. Those who survive an aviation incident often sustain serious physical harm. Aviation incidents often start with or culminate in fire, meaning that there are often survivors who suffer severe third-degree burns or extensive second-degree burns that leave them with lasting medical issues.

How burns change someone’s life

Burns are incredibly painful and can put someone in shock, a condition that can be deadly on its own. Timely medical care and pain management will be crucial in the early response to burn injuries from an aviation incident.

The medical treatment required for burns can be incredibly expensive. People require aggressive pain management and around-the-clock medical support, and they will be at high risk of infection. Often, surgery, including skin grafts, will be part of the recovery process.

Such surgical procedures are both expensive and only partially successful at decreasing someone’s pain and limitations. Skin grafts cause pain and loss of sensation, as well as mobility limitations. Even those who don’t have any visible burns holding them back socially and psychologically may struggle with the pain and physical limitations generated by burn scars.

Compensation is critical for those with major burns

After an aviation incident, the people affected may feel lucky just to be alive. They should not let their healthy sense of gratitude prevent them from seeking justice. An insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit may be an option after someone gets hurt because of an incident involving an airplane.

Learning more about aviation accidents and their consequences can be a smart move for those who have been affected by an incident. Having a broad base of knowledge can allow injury victims to ask their attorneys more pointed questions and to generally feel more informed and empowered as they take their next steps.