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Are tanker accidents more dangerous than other truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Catastrophic Injury

Any vehicle accident can injure drivers and passengers, but crashes involving heavy commercial trucks may pose the highest risk. There are many types of trucks, each with unique accident hazards.

For example, driving near tanker trucks and hauling liquid cargo presents crash risks you might never have considered. Learn how they cause or contribute to catastrophic accidents and injuries, and steer clear of them when possible.

Sloshing cargo

If you have ever tried to carry a bucket of water without spilling it, you understand slosh dynamics on some level. Fluid cargo can move fore and aft in the tank, making it hard for truckers to control their vehicles. If they brake suddenly, the liquid freight surges against the forward wall of the tank, possibly propelling the truck forward anyway.

Hazardous freight

Tank trucks transport many consumer goods, such as cooking oil and milk. They also haul dangerous substances like combustible liquids and industrial chemicals. In an accident scenario, gasoline could explode or cause a fire. Another injury risk involves exposure to possibly toxic materials if the tank ruptures in a crash.

A high center of gravity

The center of gravity in many tankers is high, but it can change with the distribution and volume of the moving liquid contents. Unfortunately, this makes them prone to rollovers, especially when under the control of an inexperienced truck driver. Rollover truck crashes often involve nearby motor vehicles, leading to severe or catastrophic injuries.

Those injured in a tanker truck accident typically face insurmountable medical bills, lost current and future wages and an array of expenses. Maximizing your financial compensation under California accident and injury laws ensures you are prepared to face the economic aftermath of your truck accident.