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Can you claim at-home care after a car accident?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Auto Accidents

When you are injured in a car, you may have a difficult time doing the things you used to after returning from the hospital. Thus, you may need to hire a caregiver to help you with daily needs like cooking, bathing, dressing, going for walks and so on. But who will pay for such services?

When claiming damages after an accident, you may also claim such expenses. Here is why:

The services are accident-related

You had to hire a caregiver because of the injuries you suffered from the accident. If it were not for the accident, you would meet your daily needs without difficulties. For this reason, you may ask the other driver’s insurance company to cover the services the caregiver offers.

What if your loved one took care of you?

If your family member or friend takes care of you at home instead of hiring a caregiver, their services should also be compensated. They had to sacrifice other activities to help you meet your daily needs. 

For instance, your loved one may need to miss work or reduce their work hours to spend more time with you. Even though they do this out of love, it can be fair to help them receive the compensation they deserve.

However, you should obtain adequate information to make the right moves. For example, the court may state that the love, care and attention your loved ones would have otherwise provided may not be compensable. When you are informed, you will know what to include in your claim to increase the chances of approval.

If you are injured in a car accident that your ability to meet your daily needs is affected, you should get legal guidance to make informed decisions.