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3 catastrophic injuries that can come from car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Individuals who are involved in motor vehicle accidents can suffer from a variety of injuries. These injuries vary based on the vehicle’s speed, collision type and other factors.

Some of the injuries a person can face are catastrophic because they can impact the person for the rest of their life. Three that are possible include:

1: Traumatic brain injuries

An injury to the brain is possible due to the force of impact when the collision occurs. The signs that you suffered a traumatic brain injury include a persistent headache, vision changes, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, confusion,or loss of consciousness. You may not notice these immediately because these injuries sometimes take days or longer to appear.

2: Spinal cord injuries

Damage to the spinal cord is another issue that might occur during a crash. These are often associated with severe back pain. Sometimes, there’s also an inability to move the extremities. Immobilizing the spine and getting immediate medical care are essential because these can help minimize the injury’s long-term effects.

3: Traumatic amputations

Traumatic amputations occur when a body part is severed during the wreck. Amputations are classified as complete, meaning the body part is entirely severed, or partial, which means some tissue is still connected. Blood loss, shock and severe pain are common with this type of injury. Emergency medical care is critical.

The top priority for anyone injured in a crash is to get medical attention. From there, they can get a claim for compensation filed, but this must be done within specific time limits, so swift action is critical.