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A Construction Contract Lawyer Can Assist You With Your Construction Transactions

Our construction contract attorneys in Walnut Creek, California, can assist you in the pre-bid and bidding process for construction projects. We can also assist you with drafting, negotiating and reviewing a construction contract. Although most contracts contain “boilerplate” language, often, this language is inapplicable or unenforceable. Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining terms and conditions in your construction contracts to ensure you realize the greatest possible profit and are protected against liability. Many aspects of a construction project require licenses, permits or regulatory approval in order to commence or proceed. The construction law attorneys of Bowles & Verna LLP have the knowledge and skill to correctly draft any of these legal instruments to get your construction project going and keep it running smoothly and without conflict. Our extensive trial experience helps us avoid the potential pitfalls that can impede the progress of a construction project.

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Our lawyers can assist you with:

  • Construction contract drafting, negotiation and review
  • Employment contracts
  • Subcontractor contracts
  • Supplier contracts
  • Prequalification for projects
  • Building permits, including green building permits
  • Contractor licensure
  • Surety bonds

Setting You Up For Success

Our knowledge of California construction law and our familiarity with the many conflicts that can occur during any construction project help us to draft your documents to avoid these issues and let us ensure that all of the correct paperwork is in place before you start building. This forethought will simplify many things and may help prevent costly litigation further down the road. Our attorneys are always mindful of your budget as we draft your documents. We work efficiently and effectively to get everything in order so your project can be a success.

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