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Employment Litigation Lawyer

Defense For Your Business When An Employee Files A Claim

At some point, an employee or group of employees may be dissatisfied with a decision made regarding their employment. This may result in a lawsuit being filed against your company. Employees have many protected rights under California and federal law. Employers also have rights. Our employment litigation attorney will help you protect those rights. The law firm of Bowles & Verna LLP provides a comprehensive and effective defense for large and small employers faced with employment-related lawsuits. Our experienced trial lawyers provide our clients with a thorough analysis of the claims, the potential risks, and the most effective defense strategy.

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We represent clients before state and federal trial and appellate courts and state and federal regulatory agencies in employer defense cases involving:

  • Wrongful discharge and termination claims
  • Benefits litigation
  • Wage and hour issues – including claims for unpaid commissions, vacation pay and severance pay
  • Contract and labor disputes
  • Unfair competition and trade secrets
  • Employment discrimination
  • Sexual harassment

Defense Before, During And After A Claim

We can help you put policies in place that can potentially lessen or eliminate the harm an employee lawsuit can cause before problems arise. These can include having an employee handbook and maintaining compliance with all state and federal employment laws. We can also help you revise current policies that may no longer stand up to legal scrutiny. If an employee files a complaint against your company, our trial lawyers will evaluate the legitimacy of the claim and create a defense strategy that best aligns with your company’s current and future goals. We have been successful in getting claims dismissed or moved for summary judgment as well as bringing cases to trial and verdict. Whenever possible, we use alternate methods such as negotiation or arbitration to minimize the financial and overall impact on your business.

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