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At Bowles & Verna LLP, our labor and employment law team offers advice and counsel for California employers, including a list of best practices. By adopting these practices, your company can dramatically reduce the potential for employee lawsuits. If you need the help of an employment defense lawyer to resolve a conflict, our Walnut Creek attorneys capably handle legal disputes. Because we work for employees as well as employers, we bring a unique perspective that provides an advantage for claims resolution. We can protect you from legal disputes and provide representation, if needed.

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Some of the most critical issues facing employers today are:

  • Uniform policies and procedures – Having these set in place and insisting that they be used can potentially reduce the legitimacy of many discrimination and unfair treatment claims.
  • Employee classification – Make sure that every position in your organization complies with state and federal employee classifications.
  • Wage and hour laws – Many companies get into trouble here, asking employees to work off the clock or not keeping comprehensive records. Know how wage and hour laws affect your company.
  • Wrongful termination – Employers must have legitimate reasons for firing an employee or a lawsuit may result. Employee reviews and manager complaints must be correctly filed and genuine to defend against potential grievances.
  • Discrimination – Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination against employees in a wide variety of ways, including race, gender, religion, age and disability. Ensure that your company does not inadvertently violate these protections.
  • Workers’ rights – Employees have many rights in the workplace. Make sure you know what these are and that you are complying with them.
  • Private Attorney General Act of 2004 (PAGA) – This gives private citizens the right to sue employers if the attorney general opts not to after the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) has been informed of a violation.
  • Sexual harassment – Any incident perceived as sexual harassment, between a manager and a subordinate or between co-workers, can become a major legal issue.
  • Whistleblower claims – Employees are allowed to report their company for illegal activities. This is a protected action, and retaliation could result in severe consequences.
  • Employer retaliation – This is a very subjective issue. Proper documentation and legitimate policies are required to avoid potential conflicts.

Employers have rights too. Our lawyers can help you understand your rights and protect your business against potential employee conflicts.

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