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Work Accident Lawyer

Protect Your Way of Life with a Work Accident Lawyer

A workplace accident can disrupt your entire life, causing expensive injuries and even affecting your ability to work for weeks, months, or even permanently. When a negligent employer is to blame for your injury, a work accident lawyer at Bowles & Verna LLP in Walnut Creek, CA, can help you hold a third-party accountable for paying damages. How can you protect your best interests following a work accident?

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Third-Party Liability for Workplace Accidents

Injuries happen frequently at many workplaces, especially those that involve work that is dangerous by its nature, like construction, iron mining and many forms of factory work. For most people injured on the job, the injuries are pretty minor and workers’ compensation in California covers the costs of medical bills and lost work until the worker gets back on the job. In other cases, however, workers’ compensation does not cover the costs of a workers’ injuries. Workers’ compensation usually bars injured workers from bringing a lawsuit against the employer for further compensation. If there is a third party who is partially liable for the accident, however, there is a possibility of obtaining compensation from that party. Faulty ladders and scaffolds that cause injuries, poorly manufactured or designed forklifts, and chemical containment systems that fail to contain dangerous chemicals are just a few examples of third-party liability. If you have suffered serious, catastrophic injuries on the job or lost a loved one because of wrongful death on the job, an Oakland workplace accident lawyer might be able to bring a claim against a responsible third party to obtain the compensation you need. Bowles & Verna LLP has the experience, versatility and proven results to help you in your workplace personal injury lawsuit. Our two partner attorneys have 75 combined years of experience, and none of our trial attorneys have been practicing law for less than 10 years. We know how to navigate the complicated legal aspects involved in bringing claims against liable third parties in workplace injury claims. We focus on cases that involve the most catastrophic accidents that occur in the workplace, including:

It is a tragedy that workers’ compensation so often comes short of providing injured workplace accident victims the compensation they really need to recover from their injuries and cover the costs of lost wages. With a third-party claim, we might be able to obtain full compensation as well as a pain and suffering damage award on your behalf.

A Closer Look at Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are often considered to be one of the most dangerous machines to be used in an industrial or manufacturing setting. These machines are prone to dangerous tip-overs. They are especially dangerous when driven by untrained and inexperienced operators.

Responsible Parties

Forklift accidents can result in serious puncture and crush injuries. Sadly, these accident injuries are often fatal. Even when proper safety precautions are taken, forklift accidents may still occur. While some forklift accidents are caused by operator error, others may be caused by machine malfunction. Our law firm represents individuals who have been injured in a workplace forklift accident caused by a negligent third party such as a machine operator or product manufacturer. We pursue claims against forklift manufacturers, operators, property owners, repair and maintenance companies, and other responsible parties. No matter what the specific circumstances of your accident and injury, we will work to identify the responsible party and help you pursue compensation for all expenses related to your warehouse accident or construction accident.

Bowles & Verna LLP

At Bowles & Verna LLP, our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who are focused on getting you every cent possible. Our proven results reflect our track record of success. We are affiliated with various organizations, including the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the National Board of Trial Advocacy, the American Board of Trial Advocates, and many more. Schedule your free consultation today by requesting an appointment online or calling us at 925-478-5763.

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