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Fight Back Against Bad Faith Insurance

When Your Insurance Company Puts Its Own Interests First

If your insurance company denies your claim or gives you significantly less money than your coverage specifies, it may be acting in bad faith. Our experienced lawyers can help you pursue a bad faith insurance claim and hold your carrier accountable to the policy you agreed upon. At Bowles & Verna LLP in Walnut Creek, California, you’ll find attorneys who have taken many cases to trial and successful verdict.

Our extensive experience, and the hard work that goes with it, has elevated our firm to one of the best in the East Bay area. We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients, recovering tens of millions of dollars for businesses, corporations and government entities in Northern California who have been denied full insurance coverage by their insurers.

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Our insurance recovery attorneys are experienced in representing policyholders. We provide representation in claims involving virtually every kind of policy. We are ready to fight for the coverage you deserve.

What Does ‘Bad Faith’ Mean?

You pay for insurance to cover the accidents or difficulties in life, such as fire, flood or interruption of operations. As a business owner, you expect your insurance company to hold up its end of your agreement. However, insurance companies are truly in business to make money for their shareholders, not to protect your property and interests.

The contract between you and your insurer states that you will pay your premiums on time and in full. For this, the insurer will cover your losses if you encounter difficulties covered under your policy. Your insurer is required to:

  • Provide the coverage agreed to in your policy
  • Act in good faith and fairly in its dealings with you
  • Put your interests first, or at least make them equal to its own

If your insurance company has denied your insurance claim, given you less than full payment for your coverage or canceled your policy after you made a claim, it may be acting in bad faith.

Our attorneys will investigate your claim and your insurer’s reasons for denying it or paying less than you contracted for. We work with you to create and follow an action plan, which we adjust as needed during the life of your case. We become your partners in this venture as we seek to hold your insurance company accountable for its bad behavior. You are always kept up to date regarding developments in your case and informed of all of your options. Our goal is a successful outcome in your case, whether it comes through negotiation and settlement or a verdict from a judge.

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