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Online International Trademark Infringement

Bowles & Verna has defended and prosecuted trademark/trade dress/copyright infringement litigation on behalf of hundreds of online retailers and represent some of the largest e-commerce companies in China.  Our current team leaders for trademark infringement are Rich Ergo and Cathleen Huang. When defending against infringement claims, we help our clients evaluate their potential liability and exposure and explore available defense strategies, in particular defenses unique to international defendants.  We take pride in resolving the matters efficiently and effectively.

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Prevention is the best medicine.  In order to reduce future exposure to infringement lawsuits, we also help our clients to prepare and implement company anti-counterfeit policies and training material for their employees.  Our clients also consult us during new product development stage for infringement analysis input. In addition, we also assist our clients to protect their intellectual property rights by sending cease-and-desist letters to infringers that offer for sale products that infringe our clients’ trademarks, logos, designs, etc. without their authorization and by lodging complaints to the hosting platforms.  We have successfully assisted in removing infringing product listings.