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Defective Product Lawsuit: Types Of Unsafe Products

Malfunctioning or dangerous products are to blame for a great number of catastrophic injury and wrongful death accidents. When a design flaw or manufacturing error is the underlying cause of a devastating event, a defective product lawsuit can produce compensation for victims. In the Walnut Creek, California, area, the law firm of Bowles & Verna handles these cases, with a record of proven results.

Proving product liability can be challenging, and some law firms avoid this type of litigation. With extensive investigative and courtroom experience, the attorneys at Bowles & Verna LLP confidently handle a wide range of defective product and dangerous medication cases.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience representing plaintiffs as well as defendants. Viewing product liability cases from both standpoints helps us be more effective advocates, obtaining favorable settlements and courtroom verdicts for our clients.

Types Of Defective Products

Just about any type of consumer product has the potential to cause catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Problems can stem from the design, manufacture, distribution, packaging, or marketing. In California and most states, consumers have a legal right to expect products to perform as promised, without the surprise of a safety hazard. For products that are inherently dangerous, such as sharp tools or strong medication, instructions for use and appropriate warnings are expected in order to avoid bodily injury and other losses.

Four Categories Of Defective Products

Industrial Tools And Equipment

Dangerous equipment and machinery are part of the job in some work environments, where a malfunctioning shut-off valve or electrical wiring can prove catastrophic. Accidents in the construction, manufacturing, utilities, agricultural, and similar industries cause severe injuries such as burns, electrocution, amputation, or head or spinal cord trauma. When a third party such as an equipment manufacturer is at fault, a lawsuit can be pursued in addition to workers’ compensation.

Automobile Components

Driver error is the most common cause of a car crash, but sometimes malfunctioning equipment is to blame. Failure of a vehicle’s brakes, tires, or transmission can instigate a serious accident, or a faulty seat belt or air bag might fail to protect a driver or passenger. Well-publicized examples of these types of cases in recent years include multiple SUV rollovers caused by vehicle design flaws.

Aviation Components

Mechanical failure is to blame for many aviation accidents, including incidents involving small planes, helicopters, and commercial airliners. There have been cabin pressurization failures, fuel gauge problems, electrical fires, and other disasters caused by design flaws or maintenance mistakes. These types of incidents lead to mass torts for product liability, with victims and families receiving millions of dollars in compensation.

Medical Products

Medical device failures and pharmaceutical complications injure and kill a substantial number of people each year. Recent examples include ventilators and suctioning tubes that have failed to deliver on the promise of life-support. Drugs causing dangerous or deadly complications include pantoprazole, mitoxantrone chemotherapy medication, Northstar Label Gabapentin, and the Assured brand naproxen sodium for pain relief.

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Bowles & Verna provides aggressive, thorough representation for personal injury clients. We have a talented team of dedicated trial attorneys who fully understand California product liability law and specialize in complex cases.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing plaintiffs as well as defendants. Viewing product liability cases from both standpoints helps us be more effective advocates, obtaining favorable settlements and courtroom verdicts for our clients.

Although certain circumstances can alter an individual case, there is generally a two-year statute of limitations for product liability cases in California. Please contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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