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The Hydrogen Litigation Association (“HyLA”)  was formed to serve as a resource for companies, attorneys and experts in hydrogen litigation, as hydrogen fuel systems and associated accidents become more and more prevalent.

Given governmental mandates for cleaner energy and zero-carbon fuel objectives and the federal investment of $7B into hydrogen hubs in the U.S., the development and use of hydrogen technologies is increasing rapidly.  Of course, as hydrogen energy technologies are expanding, the hydrogen industry is swiftly evolving to make hydrogen use safer and more efficient.  Hydrogen offers significant advantages as a clean energy source but, like any other source of energy, it has unique hazards that must be managed.

Despite best efforts to ensure the safe use of hydrogen-based fuel systems, with their increased use, we expect to see a natural progression of increased incidents and resultant litigation regarding commercial issues, personal injuries and property damage. HyLA will be at the forefront of helping participants in the hydrogen industry learn from past litigation and mitigate future risks.  HyLA’s goal is to help businesses improve engineering, safety procedures and business plans to further the successful development and operation of hydrogen technologies worldwide, as well as help companies and their counsel address the array of issues that may arise in defending or prosecuting litigation involving complex hydrogen fuel and filling systems.

HyLA’s inaugural meetings with take place on April 18 and 19, 2024 at American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. For more information about these meetings, click here. To register for the meetings, click here.