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Employee Hiring And Termination: Understanding Employer Rights And Responsibilities

It is easy for employees and potential employees to be upset about hiring and firing policies at California businesses. Some even go so far as to bring hiring discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuits against employers. While employees have significant rights under state and federal law, employers have rights too. An experienced employee hiring and termination lawyer can help you understand your company’s rights and responsibilities regarding employee hiring and termination. At Bowles & Verna LLP, our labor and employment attorney team has handled many termination disputes and can assist you in resolving yours. We have extensive experience as trial lawyers and know that sometimes the most effective strategy is a proactive approach to resolving conflicts before they turn into legal disputes. Once we resolve your issues, we can work together to bring best practices into your organization to prevent the same problems from arising again.

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Putting The Correct Policies In Place

Many companies find themselves facing an employment lawsuit because they did not lay out their policies and procedures in a clear and comprehensive manner. Also, employers forget that they need to have ongoing communication with their employees regarding the employees’ duties and responsibilities. Such communication can prevent hiring and termination disputes and allow both the employer and employee to feel confident in their position with the organization. Our attorneys can work with you to put hiring, retention and termination policies in place that align with your company’s current and long-term goals, as well as with state and federal regulations. We can help you create employee contracts and severance agreements, as well as other necessary documentation. Our goal is to provide you with the legal protections that allow you to focus on growing your business.

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