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International Airline Accident Lawyers

Plane accident personal injury cases are complicated enough, with evidence, causation and recovery issues adding layers of complexity. The complexity of this type of case is increased exponentially when the accident happens on an international flight.

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Some of the complications include:

  • What laws apply? If the airline was built in one nation, the airline company resides in another, and the flight occurred over two or more other nations, questions arise as to which nation’s laws apply.
  • In what court will the case be heard? Jurisdiction is another complication for international aviation accident litigation.
  • What is the amount of recovery possible? Different jurisdictions have different laws and limits on the amount of recovery that a plaintiff can receive in a personal injury lawsuit.

After an international airplane accident, many people do not realize their rights. Especially if the accident takes place in a country that does not allow personal injury compensation, people think that they do not have a case. But it is important to understand that, in most cases, international treaties — not local laws — apply to these cases. There is also nothing barring someone from another country from bringing a case in the United States against an airline company. Contact us. You might have a good case.

At Bowles & Verna LLP, we are well equipped to help you after an international aviation accident. If you have lost a loved one due to an airplane crash wrongful death anywhere in the world, we can help. Our international airline accident attorneys have established a track record of success in international aviation accident cases. We have tremendous experience and expertise in this field, and we have been involved in some of the biggest international plane crash cases over the past decades. A few of these cases include:

  • Air France Flight 447 | June 1, 2009: An Airbus A330-200 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on its way to Paris from Rio de Janeiro, killing all 228 people on board. The cause of the accident was determined to be a combination of pilot error and computer malfunction. We obtained a settlement of over $22 million on behalf of clients.
  • Helios Airways Flight 522 | Aug. 14, 2005: A Boeing 737-300 crashed into a mountain north of Marathon and Varnavas, Greece, killing 121 people. The cause of the accident was pilot incapacitation due to failure of the cabin pressurization system and a faulty warning system. We won $11 million for our six clients in this case.
  • Air Philippines Flight 541 | April 19, 2000: A Boeing 737 crashed on approach to the Davao City, Mindanao airport in the Philippines because of a faulty ground proximity warning system and defects in flight controls. All 131 people on board perished. This case yielded $165 million for the plaintiffs, and we won $63 million of that for our clients.
  • Korean Airlines Flight 801 | Aug. 6, 1997: A Boeing 747 crashed in Guam on approach in poor weather. A combination of a faulty ground proximity warning system and Air Traffic Control errors caused the crash, killing 225 people. In this case, we won $34 million for our clients.

Our attorneys have the skill and experience to represent you anywhere in the world. We are well-versed in navigating international laws and customs as well as the treaties that govern many of these international aviation accident cases, and we have the resources to handle your case to the finish.

What Is The Montreal Convention?

The Montreal Convention is an international agreement that determines responsibilities and liabilities of airline companies in the event of injury or death on an international flight. The Montreal Convention was established in 1999, as an update to the Warsaw Convention of 1929 and the Hague Protocol of 1955. Our firm is familiar with the details of the Montreal Convention, how they apply to international aviation accident cases and how they affect your ability to seek compensation.

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