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Domestic Airline Accident Lawyers

When a plane goes down, the resulting injuries are usually catastrophic and more often fatal. In the vast majority of cases, there are one or more entities responsible in a domestic airplane accident. Although your life will never be the same after suffering a catastrophic injury or losing a loved one from a crash, we can help you get compensation for your losses and move on with your life. Commercial airline crashes are not simple cases to litigate. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to navigate the complicated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations as well as the evidentiary and damage valuation issues involved in these tragic cases. As a 23-attorney law firm, Bowles & Verna LLP is big enough to adequately resource your complicated airline litigation, yet we are small enough to remain efficient and tailor our legal service to your individualized needs. Although our law firm is in California, our airline accident lawyers routinely handle domestic commercial airline accident litigation throughout the country.

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Causes Of Major Domestic Airline Accidents

On some occasions, a plane accident is simply that: an accident. Unforeseen bad weather or other acts of God, as well as plane collisions in uncontrolled airspace, can lead to accidents in which there is no one specifically at fault. More often, however, pilot, maintenance and air traffic control errors are the culprits for plane accidents:

  • Airline manufacturing error: Boeing and Airbus are the two biggest airline manufacturers. In cases where an airplane has been maintained correctly, and traffic control and the pilots did everything correctly, yet the plane crashes anyway, manufacturing is usually the first place we will look for liability.
  • Airline maintenance error: The most perfectly constructed airplane will still fail if it is not maintained properly. We are well-versed and experienced regarding the Federal Aviation Administration regulations for airline maintenance, so if a maintenance mistake occurred, we can find it.
  • Pilot error: Because large commercial airlines have more complicated controls and avionics, the licensing standards for commercial pilots are among the highest for any kind of pilot. Nonetheless, these pilots can still make fatal mistakes.
  • Air traffic control error: On some occasions, the people in the towers can lead a pilot astray and cause an accident.

Asiana Flight 214

Bowles & Verna LLP was the first law firm to file suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco federal court against Asiana Airlines. Click here for more information. Commercial air carrier accidents represent one of the most important aspects of our legal practice. We have experience and exceptional knowledge of the law and science in these accidents. We also have a track record of successfully obtaining recover for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death in commercial airline accident litigation.

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