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Real Estate Litigation Provided By A Team Of Experienced Attorneys

When you are caught up in real estate litigation, it is important to have a lawyer in Walnut Creek with a thorough understanding of California real estate law. Litigation can be very expensive. Our lawyers do everything they can to work efficiently and effectively to bring your case to a close. At Bowles & Verna LLP, our in-depth legal knowledge comes from our extensive trial and litigation experience. We have brought many cases to trial and verdict, and have also handled many arbitrations for our clients. We stay informed of all changes to real estate laws and statutes, and have used these laws to bring our clients’ cases to a successful resolution.

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Our attorneys offer many litigation services, including:

Real estate attorney Dean Harper has handled more than 1,000 cases dealing with real estate litigation. The attorneys at Bowles & Verna have a very successful mediation and trial practice. Our experience and track record of success can help protect your best interests.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Representation

Our attorneys do not draw cases out just to bill hours. We partner with you in this venture and create a plan for your case. As things progress, we consult with you whenever that plan needs to be altered. By keeping you in the loop and having your approval, we are able to move things along as efficiently as possible. Many situations can be resolved through negotiation or arbitration, both of which are less expensive options. For cases that require litigation, our attorneys have many years of trial experience and know real estate laws and the legal system inside and out. We put that knowledge and experience to use in your case, working diligently to solve your legal problem.

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