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Hunters Point Shipyard Lawsuit

Many residents of the Hunters Point Shipyard community have been exposed to toxic contamination as a result of decades of radiological work performed by the United States Navy. The Navy contracted with companies to remediate the contaminated land, and it was found that at least one company fraudulently falsified data of soil samples, concealed an ongoing danger to the community, and failed to disclose this information to all affected parties.  The toxic environment has affected longstanding residents of the community, as well as new residents who have called the Shipyard home with the development that has taken place over the years. Most importantly, exposure to this toxic environment may have detrimental effects to the health of the residents, but it will also damage the reputation of the neighborhood and community as a whole, and affect property values in the area.

Together, the law firms of Bowles & Verna LLP (Walnut Creek, CA) and Girardi | Keese (Los Angeles, CA- known for the infamous Erin Brokovich toxic tort cases) currently represent residents of the Hunters Point community in their claims against those responsible for contaminating their neighborhood and homes. Individually, the firms have a proven track record of success representing injured parties who have been wronged by corporate greed and negligence, which has resulted in the recovery of billions of dollars in compensation to their clients. Specific to the issues related to environmental and toxic torts, Girardi | Keese and Bowles & Verna, LLP has previously teamed up to take on corporate giants and advocate for a community in Concord, CA that was damaged as a result of toxic contaminants being dumped into the community’s groundwater. The lawsuit resulted in a significant multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of this Concord community. If you have any clients that have lived or currently live in the Hunters Point community, specifically within the zip code 94124, please have them contact attorneys Bradley R. Bowles and Jonathan W. Lee from Bowles & Verna LLP at 925-478-5763 or [email protected] 
to discuss their legal options if they or their property have been negatively impacted by the environmental contamination in Hunters Point. Pursuant to Rule 1-400 et. seq. of the California Rules of Professional Conduct, this web page may be considered an Advertisement.

Community Meeting Information

On October 4, 2018, Bowles & Verna, LLP and Girardi | Keese held a community meeting.  If you would like to view or download the PowerPoint presentation that was shown at the meeting, please click here.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bradley R. Bowles or Jonathan W. Lee.

Hunters Point Shipyard News

Past Verdicts and Settlements

Some of our firm’s impressive verdicts and settlements include:

  • Block v. Helix- represent 180 plaintiffs related to toxic exposure in the Colony Park Neighborhood in Concord, California.
  • Air Philippines Flight 541 Crash — Represented families of 42 decedents on board Boeing 737 which crashed on approach to Davao City Airport in Mindinao, Philippines. Litigated case in Cook County, Illinois for eight years and established new law on liability of U.S. based aircraft lessors for overseas accidents. On eve of trial, cases settled for record amounts, totalling $63 million for our clients and $165 million for all passenger families.
  • Korean Air Flight 801 Crash — Represented severely injured passengers aboard a Korean Air Boeing 747 which crashed on approach to Guam Airport en route from Korea. Claim asserted against U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for air traffic control errors. Litigated in Central District Court of California (Los Angeles). As a result of the case, new ATC procedures have been implemented to improve air safety. Clients awarded record amounts, totalling $36 million.
  • Helios Airways Flight 522 Crash — Crash of Boeing 737 due to cabin de-pressurization en route from Cyprus to Prague via Athens. Hotly contested issues related to cause of depressurization and responsibility therefore. Initially litigated in Chicago, IL (headquarters of Boeing). Significant legal issues of forum non conveniens, choice of damages law (i.e. Greek, Cypriot, American), and application of international air carrier treaties. Resolved for record amounts under Greek law, which are confidential.
  • Damaschino et al. v. Tracol Limited et al. Verdict of $2,449,652. Damages of $1,117,937.20 plus interest of $619,184.03. Additional verdict for $25,000 of punitive damages. After the verdict the Court awarded $712,531.48 in attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Dismond v. Nelson – $300,000 – policy limits settlement on behalf of injured motorcyclist.
  • Winter v. Jervis, MD – Verdict of $886,408 against doctor for scarring patients face.
  • John and Jane Doe v. Roe Hospital, Doe Doctor’s Group and Doe Doctor. $6,300,000.